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How To Deal With Debt Collectors

Lesson #2: How to Deal With Debt Collectors

Are you sick of bill collectors blowing up your phone almost every day?!?! 

Don’t let them bully you! There are statutes under State & Federal law that protect your rights and how you are treated! Want you to know how to make them stop?

Pick up the phone. 

Yes, you heard us right, answer the call, but you need to know what to say that will make them stop. You need ONLY state your name and give them your mailing address – preferably a PO Box – so they don’t have your home address in case they decide to serve you in person with a lawsuit.

DON’T acknowledge any debt, just ask them to put everything in writing and mail it to you. Then request that they stop calling you and if they don’t, you’re going to send them a “Cease & Desist” letter to do so. This will STOP the calls 99% of the time. Here’s a sample Cease & Desist Letter.

Most states have a 3-6 year time frame in which a creditor can legally sue you. Click on the link to find the specific laws in your state:Statue of Limitations

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Lesson #2: How to Deal With Debt Collectors

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