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Recent Success Stories

Don and Cindy
Dallas, Texas
Michael Nasserfar
Austin, Texas
San Francisco, CA

Don't Take Our Word For It! Hear From Our Clients

Over the years we have helped hundreds of people get their credit back on track. Here are just a few success stories from real clients.

Disclaimer: Improvement of your credit score and/or particular results vary per client. We cannot guarantee any results or improvement as stated in our Guarantee Disclaimer. Following our best results practices and educational consulting, we do typically see improvement in credit scores. 



Amy, Thank you for the guidance, I really appreciate that you recognized that our situation wasn't a good fit for your services and yet you were stil..

Alex G


I had a 480 credit score 6 months ago. I bought a house last month and my score has been as high as 720 in the last few weeks. You guys really came through ..



Brandi, I got my transunion results in the mail today and my mind is blown. Rising Point Solutions got 17 items deleted and only 17 items are left. That..



I'm a very satisfied customer of Rising Point Solutions. They helped me fix my credit sooner than what they had expected. To think all the lenders I met wit..

Barbara C.


Hi Amy & Brandi, Everything with my credit is coming along nicely at this point. I really appreciate the bang up job that RPS has been able to provi..

Bob S

Gift, When I started with Rising Point over a year ago I felt helpless and that the credit reporting system was so weighted in favor of creditors that t..


Austin, Texas

After my credit score got hit hard in 2012 I have spent a lot of time and money trying unsuccessfully to improve my score on my own. In the 3 years sinc..



Angelica, Thank you and your team for helping me accomplish my credit repairs. It took a while, but due to y'all spending the time to get it right, I wa..

Bubba Bashaw

Austin, Texas

Carl, I am writing to thank you for an incredible job your company has done in working on my credit report. I have been in the credit business fo..

Cassie G

Lewisville, texas

I truly appreciate all of the efforts that Rising Point Solutions put forth in order to repair my credit. They have exceptional customer service for their c..


Austin, Texas

I just received a call from Ty that the underwriters had given me final approval for my loan and closing is on Friday as planned! I wanted to thank this en..

Cindy B


Thank you for everything! You guys have been fantastic and delightful. An answer to prayers! I will certainly recommend. ..

Courtney C

Oh that is so awesome! I'm very pleased with you guys and really appreciate ya more than you know!!! I'm so excited...

Courtney J

Hobbs, NM

Just thought you’d like to know my credit score has rose +98 points !!!!!! George you're awesome!!! Many thanks and I cant wait to see the end results..

Debra C.

Bixby, OK

I was really glad find out that leaving that having an existingbusiness that is generating money and good personal creditcan achieve the best results. I signed ..

Diego P

Pflugerville, Texas

I want to share my experience with Rising Point Solutions and thank the staff for helping me. Has been a great experience working with this business. A spec..

Don and Cindy


One year ago my husband and I decided we needed to do something about our credit in order to reach our goal of homeownership and credit worthiness. ..

Elizabeth M

South Orange, NJ

I've been in business for about 6 years doing catering. My personal credit was not in good condition. Once I startedbuilding my business credit I was able, with..


I did receive a notice last week, but the post office mailed them back to me. Maybe what I received was a notice that I emailed them to you, I'm not su..

Gabriel R


Kelly Stone and everyone at Rising Point Solutions, Thank you for all of your hard work! Because of you all I am on my way to being a home owner all ..

Grant Griggs

Hurst, Texas

Great job on the credit! WOW! You both saw a HUGE increase in credit. Just wanted to brag on you and the work you did with Rising Point. We are re..


Dallas, Texas

Hi Amy, I just checked my credit score and it is 702!!!!!!!! I can't believe it. Words cannot express how thankful I am to you and your company. It h..

Heather Gaddy

Roanoke, Texas

This has been money well spent. I had 10 things on my credit that where bad and in four months in I am down to four items on my credit that they are sti..

Hortencia L

Dallas, Texas

Hello! Just wanna say, thank you to the Rising Point Family for such great results. If I have any questions like you stated I will call you, b..

James G


The process was extremely easy with them. My credit score went up about 76 points within 2 months of their service. I am extremely happy with the results an..

Jeremy and Ali

Dallas, Texas

Dear Rising Point Solutions, We have an unbelievable story… thanks to YOU! My husband and I were prequalified to build our new dream homelast summer. We w..

Jessie S.

Houston, Texas

Hi guys, I know my 6 months is almost up. I just added another letter I got. I just wanted to thank you for all your help and tell you that I could ..



David Harpster, You were such a great help to me in a time of great need. Thanks to you, Kristen and I can buy a house, and resume our lives after..

John B

Atlanta, GA

Lender Testimonial..... James at Rising Point Solutions has done an amazing job with Corey's credit and has raised his scores 70 points in onl..

Joshua H

Denver, Colorado

To the people of Rising Point Solutions, I’m writing to thank you for the OUTSTANDING service and experiencethat I had while a client of Rising Point. I..

Justin C

I have a ton of papers that I have received from the creditors and other sources. I am in the process of attempting to get them emailed to you. I should..

Justin M


I would not let anyone else fix my credit, they are the best! *As posted on our Facebook Fan Page (

Katie M

Wilmington, NC

Your company has been wonderful in helping me clean up my credit report and raise my score in order to obtain a mortgage. My fiancé and I are now pre-approv..

Kayla D

Fort Worth, Texas

Rising Point Solutions has went above and beyond with my case. Although we have not really gotten started yet we have been treated very well and the staff i..

Kelvin D

Dallas, Texas

We approached Rising Point Solutions about restoring our credit from previous spouse abuse. They have been very attentive and precise about the steps we nee..


Miramar, FL

I am honestly very happy. I opened the letters around 11pm last night and I started screaming and jumping in my bed. My fiancé asked me, “ What the hell is ..


Richardson, Texas

Hi Amy, I received the most exciting stack of mail this past weekend! The fruits of you guys’ labor is truly paying off. I received a letter from E..


Dallas, Texas

Dear Rising Point Solutions, I want to personally thank you for your continuous dedication and hard work on my credit to achieve where I’m at today. ..


Austin, Texas

Thank you so much for all the info George. And again thank you for having your staff work diligently on my credit. It’s not perfect but it was improv..

Liz G.

Austin, Texas

Hi Brandi, I wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the outcome of this program. I have seen a change in my score, for the better of ..


San Francisco, CA

I had been working with a loan agent to get pre-approval for a home loan. He referred me to Rising Point Solution to resolve a particular item on my cre..

Maria E


Walter, Thank you for your amazing work in getting my credit score higher. I'm REALLY excited for this new journey to buying a home, and of course..

Maria P.

Fort Worth, Texas

Kelly, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I appreciate all your help with my credit score and reports. I'am thankful for your company , ..

Mia L.


My husband and I began using Rising Point Solutions earlier this year and we are highly impressed with the service and results that we've received thus far...

Michael Nasserfar

Austin, Texas

She’s the best – with her help we have been able to make home ownership a reality for many well deserving families! Michael Nasserfar Vice Pre..

Mike N


Dear Mr. Brouse, I'm writing to thank you for the excellent service provided by Mr Gallegos and your team at Rising Point Solutions. Thanks to you and your..

Mike P

Houston, Texas

I'm a new, happy and very excited client of Rising Point Solutions. Matt Brouse took my call and answered my questions. Matt took the time to explain the pr..

Nathan S

Houston, Texas

I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the help and due diligence of your team over the past six months. ..

Nicholas W

Brandi, Thank you so much for all that you and your staff have done for myself and my family. It means a lot to us. Thanks again for all you have..



Kelly, I just checked Identity Guard and they are showing my scores as............. Equifax XXX Experian XXX TransUnion XXX This was such a relie..

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Disclaimer: Improvement of your credit score and/or particular results vary per client. We cannot guarantee any results or improvement as stated in our Guarantee Disclaimer. Following our best results practices and educational consulting, we do typically see improvement in credit scores.