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Allyson Howitz

Regional Manager, Louisiana

Meet Allyson Howitz, our Regional Manager of Louisiana. Allyson has been with Rising Point Solutions for 7+ years now and is one of our top producing account representatives. She is passionate about helping people improve their overall credit health and makes a point to be personally invested in each of her Lender partners. She is proud of the work she does with RPS and is dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals.

In her down-time you will find her chasing after her two boys and spending time with her husband of 10+ years. She begins most days working out with her CrossFit family and enjoys living a healthy lifestyle. She loves watching her Saint’s play and enjoys everything Louisiana has to offer. 

“To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift” -Steve Prefontaine


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"I hope all is well with you.  I am very pleased with the services your team has done for me the past 4 months." -Terrence W "Allyson is like an un-paid assistant working with lenders direct to help them with their clients credit issues. See the link below regarding the credit dispute information. IF YOUR CLIENT CREATES URGENCY OVER THE PHONE… saying “I am sitting with my mortgage lender and this credit account is preventing me from obtaining my mortgage”, it can be removed within 24-48 hours! If you re-score the credit and you don’t like what the re-score is giving you, Allyson will be happy to look at the credit for you." - Kathy May Toth "Yes. So far I am very happy. My credit scores went from 569 to 603; 561-637; and 538 to 596 in 3 mos. All I did was upload the letters I received from the credit reports they did everything! " - Renee


"Brandi and Allyson, thank you both so much for working so hard to improve Jesse’s credit score. We are both extremely happy with the service and personalized attention we have been receiving."

- T. Templin


"Guys I'm So excited my Middle score went up to a 641 that is the Transunion one, you know the one I need points it was 2 days ago 579 now 641 increase in 2 day since I paid and got removal letter from Pheonix Financial. No More negative stuff on my credit just 5 accounts in good standing truck,car,2 first progress secured credit cards and 1 little finance Co. Loan. Im just waiting on Equifax and Experian to update they were both 603 so im sure they will go up in a week or so so Thanks Mrs. Allyson and Mrs. Rebekah we need to talk running credit Check ASAP Have a great weekend Guy I Know I am Praise God.!!!!!!!!!" - Anonymous



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