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Rising Point Solutions - Guarantee Disclaimer

We are unable to guarantee that any or all items will be removed from your credit. We are also unable to guarantee any specific results within a certain amount of time, nor that your credit score will increase. We are also unable to guarantee you loan approval of any kind, ever. With our unique disputing method, we have been able to help customer remove all kinds of inaccurate information from their credit reports. 

We are unable to guarantee a timely response from the credit bureaus. In some cases, they do all they can to delay or stall the process and we want you to be aware of that. Most of our clients begin receiving results in as little as 30-45 fays. It is common that we can get the majority of your inaccurate, negative credit removed or corrected within the first 6 months, but we are unable to guarantee this. 

Any items that do get removed from your credit do not relieve you of the debt attached to that item. It is simply our job to explain how it could affect your credit. 

Communication is the key during the whole process. If you have not received results from the bureaus within 60 days, it is imperative that you contact us so we can address the issues with the bureaus. It is also imperative you forward any and all letters you received from the bureaus to our office immediately, so that we can stay on top of your processing.

We are extremely committed to helping you restore your credit. If you follow the guidelines of the program and communicate with us throughout the process, we are very confident you will be satisfied with our service.


Rising Point Solutions - Best Results Agreement

1. Agreement on credit inquiries

I/We agree that applying for any new credit may have a negative impact on the credit restoration process and understand that letting anyone make any inquiries on my/our credit reports for lending purposes within the first six months of credit restoration process may hinder the progress.

2. Agreement on current tradeline payments

I/We agree to continue making payments on current open accounts and will do everything possible to ensure the payments are current and on time.

3. Agreement on collections and charged off tradelines

I/We agree that if I/we make the choice to pay any collection or charges off accounts, primarily those over two-years old, that the payment and activity may negatively affect the progress and/or results of the credit restoration program.

4. Agreement on purchases

I/We agree that making any large purchases on credit may negatively impact my/our credit score.

5. Agreement on contacts

I/We agree that we have the right to make contact with my/our creditors, collection companies or credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union), and that doing so may negatively affect the progress and results of the credit restoration program.

6. Agreement on personal changes

I/We agree to immediately notify our Rising Point credit consultant regarding any personal changes such as new home address, job status, marital status, etc. 

7. Agreement on credit bureau correspondence

I/We agree that any and all correspondence received from the credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax/CSC & Trans Union) will be promptly forwarded by mail to Rising Point Solutions in order to accurately monitor and track my/our program results. 

8. Agreement on elimination of credit offers

I/We agree to allow Rising Point Solutions L.L.C. to opt me/us out of receiving credit or insurance offers via the website:

9. Agreement on company's services

Client acknowledges that under no circumstances shall Company counsel or advise client to make any misleading or untrue statements to a consumer reporting agency or any other entity concerning the Client's identification, home address, creditworthiness, credit standing, or credit capacity. 

Following all the points of this agreement will help ensue the best and most favorable results from your credit restoration program. 

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RECOVER Your Credit Profile!

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Disclaimer: Improvement of your credit score and/or particular results vary per client. We cannot guarantee any results or improvement as stated in our Guarantee Disclaimer. Following our best results practices and educational consulting, we do typically see improvement in credit scores.