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6 Reasons your credit score may have dropped

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Why do I have so many different credit scores?

Monday, April 30, 2018
With more than 143 million people affected by the recent Equifax data breach, there’s been a lot of talk about credit scores. But did you know that you have not just one, two, three — or even ten different credit scores? It’s true. Most people have a whopping 70 different scores. Today, I’ll explain why there so many versions and which ones matter most. Why your credi ..

Spring Cleaning is in full force!

Friday, April 01, 2016
"Spring cleaning isn't just about sorting through things, and getting rid clutter. It's about taking stock of who you are, and how others see you. It's a chance to redefine yourself, to change expectations, and to remember that it's never too late to recapture who you were, or to aim for who you want to be." Take stock in your financial situation this spring. Redefine your credit and ..

Credit Repair Tips and Tricks

Friday, October 31, 2014
If you’re coming out of bankruptcy, foreclosure or simply don’t have a very good credit score, there are plenty of things that you can do in order to boost your score. Some are pretty intuitive while others may not come to mind right away. Below, however, are the five best tips. Don’t Be Afraid to Dispute Some people are afraid of conflict, while others think that there is ..

Credit DO's and DONT's

Wednesday, October 29, 2014
1. Definition of Credit- Predictive analysis of future default rate. 2. Online free reporting systems use a range of 500-990 3. Actual reporting agencies use range of 300-850 4. Two most important factors in your FICO 35% Payment History 30% Amounts Owed 15% Length of the account 10% New Credit 10% Types of Credit 5. Amount and types of recommended debt you should c ..

How to build credit the smart way

Friday, August 15, 2014
A great way to build credit is by making on-time credit payments every month. How to Build Credit with a Credit Card Any credit card, including a secured card, works well for this. Just choose a routine monthly expense, charge it on your credit card and pay the account in full each month. Payment history makes up 35 percent of your credit score, so making a series of on-time payments can re ..

7 things you can do to prevent identity theft

Monday, August 04, 2014
1) Protect Yourself Against Spyware Spyware is malware downloaded to your computer or website, without your knowledge or consent, that runs in the background and collects information about you: Make sure whatever anti-virus program you're running on your personal computers includes spyware protection, as well. Some companies, such as Lavasoft or STOPzilla, will offer a basic anti-spywa ..

Do-It-Yourself Debt Reduction

Wednesday, May 21, 2014
With a little dedication and prior planning, it is possible to reduce your debts on your own. Why pay debt counselors and consolidation agencies fees for things you can do yourself? shows you the tricks of the trade and the fastest way to reduce your debts on your own. Step 1: Evaluate Your Debts Collect all your financial documents and print out your credit reports to see ex ..

Ten Tips for Negotiating with Creditors

Monday, April 21, 2014
If you are falling behind on your bills, your phone is probably ringing off the hook with calls from creditors and/or debt collectors. While the last thing you probably want to do is talk with them, you may find that they are willing to work with you. Here are ten tips for negotiating with creditors and collection agencies: 1. Stick to Your Story The person on the other end doesn't want ..

7 ways Americans are getting out of debt

Wednesday, February 05, 2014
You may be determined to get out of credit card debt, but how do you actually do it? If you’re like most people, cutting out that cup of coffee you grab at your local coffee shop in the morning isn’t going to cut it. You’re going to have to use a combination of several strategies to help you reach your goal. Whatever method consumers use to get out of debt, it&rsquo ..


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