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Recent Success Stories



This is an awesome company and they helped me in a great way! Gift was always

willing to answer my questions and explain things even if he had to repeat things for me.
We were in a hopeless situation, so we thought, with our credit scores...... but using Rising
Point was the best thing we every did, Just follow Rising Point's instructions and do exactly
as they say.....we can now once again apply for credit cards and loans if needed.

I would highly recommend Rising Point Solutions!


Steven T

Norcross, GS
I thought I had business credit since I've been in bussiness nearly
10 years now. Through your program I found out I didn't have any
history at all. After your help I was able to obtain some financing 
really fast.
Thank you,
Steven T.





I truly appreciate all you have done on improving my credit scores. it is scary being on my own!



Tabitha C

Fort Worth, Texas

So I just want to say, THANK YOU so much for all the work you did for me! I was able to be approved for a 0% interest credit card and that has NEVER happened to me! I am SO glad I used your services. I am literally in tears right now because I know my days of bad credit are behind me. Soon I will finally be able to purchase a home. We have had to move almost every year. I will be able to actually buy a house and actual furniture. I will be able to let my kids grow up in the same neighborhood instead of bouncing around. You probably know how much this means for someone but I have been so haunted because of my past when thats not who I am at all! Thanks again! I recommend you guys to EVERYONE by the way!



Taylor T.

Arlington, Texas

I know e've got a long way to go, but I thought I should thank you for the work you've done so far. Because of you and your team getting that fraudulent address removed from Jesse's credit history. He is not being penalized for his ex wife's recent eviction. I can't tell you how stressful that would be if we were doing this along, so I am extermely grateful for you all removing that so quickly!! We are still working on that with the police, but knowing that you are doing your part to help us in every way is such a relief. 


Thank you for everything,


Taylor T. and Jesse S.


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How it works......

Rising Point Solutions program is designed to help clients improve their credit profile and gain back their financial freedom. Our hard hitting-aggressive approach enables our clients to restore their credit and build a positive credit profile in a timely manner.

 What can you expect out of Rising Point Solutions services?


Free analysis and review of client's credit standing and credit report (Credit Consultation)

You will be provided with educational resources including budgeting tools, guides to understanding credit, payment calculators, debt negotiation tools, and more.

You will receive your own personalized, secure online portal to track your progress, send in results, and/or communicate with Rising Point Solutions.

Rising Point Solutions will dispute your erroneous, inaccurate, negative information on a monthly basis.

Rising Point Solutions will verify your personal information is up-to-date and accurate. As this is the most common reason for inaccuracies on a credit report

Rising Point Solutions will assist you in building positive credit by providing you with the resources that are tailored to your situation.


Starting as low as $99/month!


How long will it take?



The average client will see the best results in


 6 Months


Although, every client's situation is different. We ensure you that we will

do what we can to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible.


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RECOVER Your Credit Profile!

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